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BHC Alhambra Hospital
A CAPIC Training Site
4619 North Rosemead Blvd.
Rosemead, CA  91770
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Director of Training Program: Joseph H. Dadourian, ED.D., Licensed Psychologist

UPDATE: "South Pasadena Resident Supports Psych Internship at Hospital" originally appearing on May 26, 2010 Issue of the South Pasadena Review (72KB Adobe PDF)

APPLICATION PROCESS: We are a member of CALIFORNIA PSYCHOLOGY INTERNSHIP COUNCIL (CAPIC) and follow their application process for   internships (except for California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University). The application is available on the CAPIC website at Applicants from California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University, when selected by their school, apply to the internship by  emailing  Dr. Dadourian at,  your interest in applying to BHC Alhambra Hospital as well as a curriculum vitae (LETTERS OF REFERENCE ARE NOT NECESSARY).  You will be emailed the time for your interview, which will take place in late February or early March. Interviews will be at the hospital and approximately half to one hour in length.

You will be informed of an informational session (approximately one hour in length) about the internship and psychiatric hospitalization. The objective of this session is to provide more specific information and the internship and answer questions in a group setting with other applicants. 

NOTIFICATION: Typically 8-12 doctoral psychology interns are selected for each academic year. Notification will at the designated time as determined by the CAPIC and/or your University.

STIPENDS: Unfortunately there are no stipends available for this internship. However, interns have the privilege of eating in our cafeteria at no cost to them.


BHC Alhambra Hospital is a private, for-profit psychiatric hospital offering both inpatient and partial day treatment services. The inpatient services include four distinct programs; Pediatric, Adolescent, Adult units and Assessment & Referral.  The adult unit provides rapid stabilization, brief treatment models for acute psychiatric disorders as well as dual diagnosis (psychiatric and chemical dependency). The Adolescent and Pediatric units offer rapid stabilization, brief treatment for acute psychiatric disorders as well as dual diagnosis services. The inpatient programs are locked and the hospital is a 5150 designated facility in the County of Los Angeles.

The Partial Day Treatment Program is designed to address the psychiatric and dual diagnosis needs of adults who require more intensive care short of hospitalization. The program focuses on maintaining, stabilizing, and preventing relapse of psychiatric disorders and chemical dependency.

The Assessment & Referral office provides telephone and face-to-face crisis evaluation for inpatient treatment, psychosocial evaluations, individual follow-up while patient is hospitalized and other duties related admission and referrals


This training site is an excellent opportunity for graduate students in psychology to learn about severe psychiatric disorders, traumatic stress and learn skills of rapid stabilization and brief focused treatment. The majority of treatment is group psychotherapy. Individual brief psychotherapy is assigned for patients in crisis who may benefit from this form of intervention. Family and marital therapy may also be rendered when deemed appropriate by the treatment team. Interns participate in multi-disciplinary treatment planning and milieu therapy. Interns are assigned to a particular program for the entire internship.


Interns are assigned to a specific program for the entire year. Interns are assigned to the program based on their preference and program directors preference. Interns can be assigned to one of the following programs:

Pediatric Inpatient                                  Assessment & Referral Service
Adolescent Inpatient                              Partial Hospitalization Program
Adult Inpatient                                       Eating Disorders Program


The theoretical orientation of the hospital is crisis intervention and stabilization oriented drawing from cognitive behavioral and systems theories. Interns will also learn a great deal about management of psychiatric crisis and addictions as well as the use of psychotropic medications used by the attending psychiatrists in stabilizing patients in acute crisis.


The hospital is committed to provide interns with the necessary supervision to meet state licensing, APA and CAPIC requirements as determined prior to the beginning of the internship. All clinical supervisors are licensed and have met necessary requirements to provide supervision.  We take great care to assure the intern has a gradual supportive introduction into this challenging setting. Typically interns begin through observation until deemed ready to conduct groups independently. There is a two-hour weekly seminar/group supervision (Wednesdays from 8:00 to 10:00 am) conducted by Dr. Dadourian, Dr. Ascarate, or Dr. Rousch. Interns receive ongoing training throughout the internship based on their needs as well. The first week of internship is devoted to preparation prior to the actual involvement with patients. Once a month interns attend the “Clinical Educational Series” focused on increasing interns clinical skills in specific areas relevant to their internship.


Following CAPIC requirements this internship is 1000 hours. The length of the training program is appropriately 52 weeks based on 20 to 25 hours per week.


There are two weeks of vacation that must be pre-approved by the program manager. Since the hospital is open 24-7, 365 days a year there are no assumed holidays. All holidays must be pre-approved as with vacations.


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